New World Order
Totem. Beijing

ArtsMoved Festival asked us to make an installation for the opening party of the festival at CoreLabs, Beijing. Our proposal was a light sculpture installation. This totem represents a New World Order supposed deity, formed by the piramid, a panoptic eye, the earth, lightnings, the ram, fists with fire, Minerva’s owl and missiles.

In collaboration with Alberto Ojeda and ArtsMoved team we worked hard for 3 days (and one night). Thanks to the help of three Chinese workers we screwed hundreds of screws. For the lighting, we use 150 meters (!) of led light hose purchased in a market.

Thanks to Artsmoved Festival for the invitation, to Alberto for its creativity and skills, Corelabs crew for their help, Rita for being our voice in China, Suzanne Kraft for his wonderful music and the three chinese workers for bear 6 hands.