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Henry Kissinger predicting the future of the global economy

Henry Kissinger prediciendo el futuro de la economía global.
This lizard, 1973 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, is behind secret societies and military operations like FUBELT or CONDOR.


Yasuchika Hasegawa presenting new pharmaceutical solutions

Yasuchika Hasegawa presentando nuevas soluciones farmacéuticas.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company is responsible of serious criminal and civil charges in the United States. It’s also responsible of Rozerem child’s sleeping pills, that has serious side effects like suicidal tendencies.


Dr. Cooper proposal to fight the global crisis

Propuesta del profesor Cooper para luchar contra la crisis global.
The Organisational Psychology and Health Department at Lancaster University Management School connects the World Economic Forum Think Tank to the Tavistock Institute latests studies.


Help Haïti

Help Haïti.
Robert Zoellick, World Bank President, shows the G-20 help for Haïti.